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Grilled Zucchini Bruschetta

Was it that we didn't have enough bread for a proper bruschetta or was it that we had mutant sized zucchini coming out of our garden at the end of the … [Get Full Recipe - Click Here]


RO-Man Pork Puller Logo

The RO-Man Pork Puller

  The RO-Man Pork Puller Best Known For: Pork Pulling Drill Attachment Out of:  North Platte, NE Pulling your pork will never be the same again. For that matter, your chicken either. Allow us to provide the Ro-Man Pork Puller.  Buy One Now and support “Our Store”! What you will need to provide is your electric drill. That’s […]

Lang Smoker Cooker 36-hybrid

Lang BBQ Smokers

Company:  Lang BBQ Smokers             Out of:  Nahunta, Georgia Best Know For: Lang 36″ Hybrid Smoker Cooker Visit Main Website       or      Visit Where To Buy

Tactical Grilling

Camouflaged Grilling, Tactically Speaking

    Tactical Grilling: Military-Spec Grilling Supplies! Typically we like to wear colors that camouflage any spilled sauce on us, but in case you prefer to don your favorite military, hunting, fire or law enforcement color combos, Tactical Grilling offers the full range for your “hide while you grill” strategy. And these guys don’t mess around either. They use the […]


You’ve Never Been Punk’d So Good…

Get Punk*d with Punk*s Gourmet Pepper Sauces! Normally, getting punked is considered a bad thing. You’ve been tricked – had one pulled over on you – been royally duped. Well thanks to the passion and culinary wizardry of Punk – a crazy grill guy from Alabama, being punked is now a very good thing. So […]

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AGC Classic T-Shirt


Directory Cover Image

American Grilling Club Releases 2013 “Made In USA” Company Directory

Now available for FREE download! American Grilling Club's Outdoor Cooking & Grilling 2013 "Made in USA" Company Directory! The American Grilling Club has released this week a new Directory that exclusively focuses on "Made in USA" for the Outdoor Cooking & Grilling marketplace. In just the first of five sections, The Directory boasts over two dozen companies that make Grills & Smokers that collectively manufacture over 100 "Made in USA" options when it comes to your outdoor … [Read On...]

Mike Rowe On Bill Maher

VIDEO – Mike Rowe on Bill Maher: Companies Going From Begging to Pleading & Desperate To Fill Good Jobs!

Check out this interview with "Dirty Jobs" actor, Mike Rowe. What do you think? Leave a comment! … [Read On...]

Peaches on Tree

Millions Of Peaches. Make Ours Grilled!

We just went peach picking recently and of course we asked ourselves what we could grill to go with peaches. A peach chutney for a smoked pork tenderloin or a peach salsa to go with a tangy grilled fish taco? We may do those, but what we decided to go for is grilling the peaches themselves into a tasty dessert!  That inspired a much easier and sweet idea. Grilled Peaches & Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum. Check out our recipe along with some great expert tips to make this simple, easy and certainly … [Read On...]

Muppets Stars & Strips!

Celebrating The 4th! Swedish Chef Grills With Sam The Eagle!

Happy Independence Day 2013 From The American Grilling Club! … [Read On...]

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